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At Zionsville Garage Door Repair, we are proud to provide a comprehensive garage door repair service, including working on garage door rollers. We offer same-day service, and operate seven days a week. By doing so, we make sure that we can get out to your property when you need our help ASAP, and repair or replace your garage door before it starts to cause serious problems for you or your property.

By getting a professional to fix or replace your garage door rollers, you save yourself money in the long run. Our work lasts, and always complies with the relevant regulations and standards. If you don’t get your garage door work done by an experienced professional, you run the risk of the work not lasting or causing even greater damage to your garage door.

What are Garage Door Rollers?

They may be small, but your garage door rollers are a vital part of your garage door’s functioning. If they don’t work properly, your garage door might not open or close properly, and it can cause a lot of noise and friction. This places strain on the other parts of the garage door and its opening mechanism.

If you notice that your garage door is making noise when it opens or closes, it might be time for you to replace the garage door rollers.

Garage door roller replacement can be tricky, so we generally recommend that you hire a professional to do so for you. This is also true of garage door rollers repair.

The rollers on a garage door are little wheels that are part of the opening mechanism. They guide the door along the track system, which the door uses to open and shut. You can get garage door rollers in a number of different materials, and they perform different functions depending on the type of opening system your garage door has. Usually, garage doors are between one to three inches wide. The size of the garage door roller depends on the type of opening system your garage door uses. Usually, you can find rollers made of nylon or steel. Steel is stronger and lasts longer, but nylon is often quieter.

Garage Door Rollers Repair

garage door roller issues

Unfortunately, you may experience problems with your garage door rollers, such as garage door noise, especially as you use them more and more. There are a number of issues that can arise with garage door rollers that stop them from functioning, and these are usually related to the garage door tracks. For example, if your garage door tracks are dented, then your garage door roller probably won’t glide properly along the track, and this stops them from functioning fully. This can also damage the roller over time.

Also, if your garage door tracks are too loose, then your rollers might fall off the track or not glide properly. This also impacts the functioning of your garage door and prevents it from working correctly.

Types of Garage Door rollers

Plastic Rollers

Garage door rollers made from plastic usually don’t have ball bearings. Plastic rollers are often standard with garage door openers, and you can often expect them to last for two or so years before you need to replace them.

Steel Rollers

Steel rollers are generally the strongest type of garage door roller, and they often come with ball bearings. You can expect steel rollers to last around five years if there are no other issues with your garage door. However, steel rollers can be somewhat louder than the other types of garage door openers.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon rollers often come with ball bearings as well, and last longer than plastic rollers. Compared to steel rollers, they are also often much quieter. However, nylon rollers tend not to last as long as steel rollers.

How are garage door wheels attached to the garage door?

The garage door rollers are not floating; they appear to be because they’re connected by hinges. Hinges come in two tubular shapes so that the first tube can pivot and the second inserts the garage door roller’s shaft. Also, each garage door panel has a different angle as it moves from vertical to horizontal , which is why hinges are numbered. The wheel on the garage door is prevented from falling off track by a shaft that loosely fitting inside the tube. If there were no space between them, or if the connection was rigid, then the rollers would come out of place and cause misalignment.

The best garage doors on the market require twin or tandem hinges installed on double end stiles. Stiles provide support for various purposes in sectional garage doors, such as holding up roller brackets and hinge assemblies or serving as a base for the lock set. Stiles play a crucial role in offering a durable base and frame, similar to how skeletons are for our bodies. The skin of the door, also known as panels, is akin to our skin in that both provide coverage but can be easily damaged without the appropriate support beneath it. Because dual hinges need additional stabilization when the door is moving, long stem rollers are used. Most long stem rollers come in either 7 or 9-inch axles.

Having a track that consists of a vertical and horizontal side on each door allows the door to roll smoothly along its own axis. When the two sections join, difficulties can sometimes occur. If the sections aren’t aligned correctly, a gap or ridge might make the rollers get stuck or create friction, potentially making the door go off-track or causing early wear down on the rollers. If your door opener isn’t moving the door smoothly or you hear popping sounds, it’s likely that the tracks are misaligned. The tracks must be installed evenly with the door and next to each other. If one is installed too high or low, then the door will get stuck often. All garage doors components are different based on their level of quality. This includes steel strength, gauge, and details addressed during manufacturing which all play an important role in overall track quality.


If you’re experiencing difficulty with your garage door rollers, it may be time to have them fixed. Improperly mounted garage door rollers can cause a host of issues further down the line. Two problems that might occur are loud noises and sliding garage door rollers. By reaching out to a specialist to fix the problem, you can avoid these issues entirely. This also saves you money in the long run and gives you peace of mind. At Zionsville Garage Door Repair, our technicians will replace your rollers safely for new rollers.

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