Garage Door Panel Repair, Zionsville IN

Your garage door panels aren’t just there for decoration. They’re actually an important part of the functioning of your garage door. If they are damaged somehow, you might have problems opening or closing your garage door. Having said that, you might not like the way your garage door panels look, especially if they are damaged. If any of these apply, you might want to replace one or several of your garage door panels. Replacing the panels can be tricky and technical, which is why it’s best that you work with a professional if you want to do so.

In addition, garage door parts and panels can be dangerous. This is why it’s important that you get a professional to look at your garage door if you think the panels are damaged. Having damaged panels can put strain on other parts of the garage door, which can eventually damage these parts, too.

What are Garage Door Panels?

Garage door panels are the squares on your garage door. Usually, your garage door is made up of several panels which are joined together, but in some instances your garage door might be a single panel. Your garage door opening system is usually attached to a panel, which pulls the garage door open and shut. Depending on the type of garage door you have, your garage door panels may be made of wood or metal. Sometimes, your garage door panels might get damaged. If this happens, it’s often possible to repair or replace the damaged panel or panels. However, sometimes you need to replace the whole door, if the panels can’t be separated.

Generally, garage doors are made from a number of panels which are hinged together. This lets the panels move quite separately from one another and lets the door roll to open and close. These ‘multi-paneled’ garage doors save a lot of space compared to old-fashioned garage doors, which swing open and shut in one piece.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

You might have a number of issues with your garage door panels. Depending on the problem, you can generally choose to replace a single panel or several. If you have bent panels, broken panels, or dented panels, it can make your garage door look bad and affect the appearance of your whole house. Nobody wants to have a garage door that looks like a car has crashed into it! In addition, having damaged garage door panels can stop your garage door from opening or closing properly.

For example, if you have a dented panel, it might mean that the opening mechanism on your garage door can’t extend properly. This can damage the opener or stop it from functioning correctly. A damaged garage door opener can be dangerous, because garage door opening mechanisms contain parts which are under a lot of pressure and strain. This is why it’s important that you get any damaged panels replaced or repaired as soon as possible, to prevent further issues down the line for your garage door.

Why Trust Us as Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

At Zionsville Garage Door Repair, our technicians always follow the relevant instructions and guidelines for their work. In addition, they are experienced in performing garage door panel replacement and garage door panel repair to a high standard. We can offer same-day service in many cases, and we operate seven days a week. This is because we do our utmost to ensure that we can help you when you need our help.

If you get your garage door panels fixed by someone who is less experienced or does not comply to these standards, the work may not last a very long time. In addition, it might actually damage other parts of your garage door, and just cause further issues down the line. If this happens, you might end up paying even more to repair or replace other parts of your garage door than you would for garage door panel replacement or garage door panel repair from a professional.

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