Garage Door Off Track Repair, Zionsville IN

The garage door tracks rest on either side of your garage door. They guide the rollers to allow for a smooth opening or closing of the door. Not all tracks are the same as there are varying sizes and styles. Not matter the kind of track, your garage door’s rollers can come off track. This is when the rollers get misaligned or wholly removed from the tracks. An off-track garage door can be hazardous. Seeing as garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds, you should be very careful when dealing with off-track rollers.

Several Reasons May Cause a Garage Door to Fall Off Track

There are many reasons for a garage door to become off track. One of the most common reasons is by encountering a massive force, particularly a vehicle. Driving too quickly into or out of your garage can lead to a loss of control. From there, an intense impact can contact the tracks.

Another reason for off-track garage doors is misaligned tracks. When the horizontal tracks do not meet parallel with the vertical tracks, cables and screws start to bear more weight than intended. As a result, the tracks can get bent and cause misalignment, leading to track garage doors.

Your garage door can fall off track due to worn out rollers, as well. Your door can still operate fine when one roller has met their demise, but this puts more stress on the other rollers and causes them to bend. This, of course, leads to misaligned tracks and garage doors out of place.

If you see any of these issues appear in your garage door, call us at Zionsville Garage Door Repair. We can complete the proper garage door repair so that you can return to your garage door routine.

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