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Zionsville Garage Door Repair is a top-tier choice for garage door cable installation. First, we offer same-day service, which is very important, as most garage door cable replacement needs are urgent when called in. Note that we also operate every day of the week. Therefore, we always stand ready to serve you in whatever capacity we are needed.

As professionals, we remain aware of the quality and safety standards that all garage door cables must comply with. If you don’t use a professional source, there is usually no compliance in this regard, which means things can get very dangerous for you in the future. Industry standards exist to protect consumers from personal and property damage. So, you can understand how vital they are in the completion of repairs.

Additionally, we employ a team of licensed, professional, and experienced technicians capable of providing you with the high-quality service you deserve. Zionsville Garage Door Repair can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run if you allow us to take care of your garage door cable replacement needs.

What Are the Garage Door Cables Used for?

Garage door cables are paramount to the effective operation of your door. If you have compromised or broken garage door cables, you can all but lose the garage door’s functionality. While there are several reasons that you could need a garage door cable replacement, some occur naturally with use, while others are anomalies.

Under normal wear and tear, you may notice roping cables, looping cables, or fraying cables. Note that roping leads to looping, which leads to fraying. While you can technically continue to use the door once you are not at the fraying stage, it’s heavily recommended to get the cables addressed as soon as possible.

Fraying from the drum, cut cables, tangled cables, or kinks in the cables are occurrences that don’t come from normal wear and tear. Once you see any of these things happening, it’s time to have a garage door cable repair completed.

Garage door cables come under two general umbrellas, which are that of the safety cable and that of the lift cable.

The former exists as a safety feature, as the name implies. When you have broken garage door springs, they could do more than cause your door to function effectively. The force at play could easily cause the springs to fly around the garage and destroy your windshield. Thankfully, the cables hold them in place to prevent such a destructive outcome.

The lift cables are the standard ones used in the regular operation of your garage door. These doors move using energy, which depends on the springs in the system. Garage door springs store energy, which they then provide to the cables to lift the unit from the bottom fixture when needed.

Any garage door configuration that uses extension springs must have both lift cables and safety cables.


As we indicated above, several different occurrences indicate something is amiss where your garage door cables are concerned. Broken garage door cables are certainly nothing to joke with, as they can present safety concerns or prevent your door from working altogether. The condition of your cables often defines how likely they are to reach such a state.
Worn Out Garage Door Cables

Old Cables

First, there is the matter of old cables. As is the case with just about any other component, you must expect natural wear and tear with age. Cables that are getting older are much more susceptible to snapping. Therefore, it's essential to have them replaced when necessary.

Rusted Garage Door Cables

Rusty Cables

Rust is another problem that compromises the integrity of metal cables. You never want to end up in a situation where your garage door is dependent on rusty cables. Standard maintenance can help you to avoid this problem.

Jammed Garage Door Cables

Jammed Cables

Jammed cables present another problem. If ignored, the undue stress can easily result in your having to deal with a snapped garage door cable problem.

Finally, when the spring doesn’t have the right amount of tension, it can negatively impact your cables. While too much tension means the cables are likely to jump off the drum, too little tension leads to unwound cables, which also compromises your door’s efficiency.


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