Upon seeing your old garage door opener, you can't help but feel unsecured because of the damaged or worn parts. Yes, it is time for a new installation!

However, with some types of garage door opener available, which one should you pick? Aside from the professional installation services we offer in Zionsville and surrounding areas, we could also aid in selecting the right opener for your garage door.

Why Garage Door Opener?

Undeniably, one of the convenient innovations ever made. You no longer need to push a door when entering and exiting. Door openers are motor-powered devices, equipped with several accessories to make opening and closing a lot easier.

They ensure topmost security and safety for garages under all conditions. Some types are noisy, but others are designed to be quieter when in operation.

Moreover, some can be operated through remote controls in the car and others can be operated manually through the switches installed in the garage.

Types of Garage Door Opener

Belt drive and chain drive are the most common type of garage door opener. They are clearly distinguished by the mechanical drive they utilize to operate.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The quietest operation system, thanks to its decreased vibration. Belt drive is also popularly known for its smooth operation. It is specifically ideal for residents who live nearby other housing units.

Belt drive might not be the fastest when lifting a garage door, but it can do a bit quicker than other types. You could get a respectable ten inches per second while rising, and seven to eight inches per second while it is lowering.

This particular type of garage door opener is made to be robust as well. Mainly because the door's whole weight is spread out among the whole belt. This eventually prevents overburden of the belt.

Ease of use is also guaranteed. You can pick from different controls available - keychain controls, car controls, in-house controls, or garage controls – name it! About the installation process, yes, belt drive garage door opener is easy to install.

Although, it doesn't mean you can perform the work alone. The parts are very intricate and require in-depth knowledge. Unless you're not afraid of the costly repairs or replacement in the future, let us handle the complexities of the job.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This one emits a bit amount of noise. But, if we will talk about quality and lifespan, the chain drive is on top of the list. It makes use of a trolley system with a chain similar to that of bicycles.

The chain is attached to the door and moves over a track to both lower and raise the door. It has strong metal links that make lifting doors easier, regardless of their weight.

Chain drive is an inexpensive option you can find. Though, as have mentioned above, you don't need to worry about the quality and lifespan because it boasts them. Credits go to the strong metal links.

Also, you won't have a problem finding this model because it is readily available. You can find chain drive garage door openers in almost all home good stores and even online.

Belt Drive or Chain Drive?

At Garage Door Repair Zionsville, we've already installed the countless belt and chain drive openers for homeowners and commercial buildings in Zionsville. We ensure our clients are completely aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each type of garage door opener. You can give us a call if you're still in doubt about the right door opener for your home or office.

Trust our product

We mainly specialize in Liftmaster garage door opener because we believe they are the top of the line and that is what our clients deserve. You know you're saving money, time, and other resources when you have your Liftmaster door opener installed by our experts. We offer affordable and professional garage door opener installation services, ensuring they will serve you for years.

Each of our products has a professional grade. They are enabled for a smart home app called MyQ, which gives you total control over your garage door from your phone. Real-time alerts will be sent to you so you will always know when the door is open or closed.

If you prefer a faster and quieter opener product, then Liftmaster is definitely for you. It several other features too, including multifunction wall stations and a photo safety revising device.

Contact us today and for quality garage door opener installation in Zionsville!

So, ready for a new garage door opener? You don't need to kill much of your time and effort knowing how to install one on your own. Schedule an appointment now and let our pros do the entire job!

From taking proper measurements to implementing final garage door opener installation, you're fully covered. Satisfaction in our work is our top priority and have an assurance that we won't fail in this matter!

Let The Experts Get the Job Done

Again, installing or fixing your garage door opener on your own is not worth it. You will only be doing more harm than good, which, in return, could prove detrimental to you and your family. Do not risk your household, so better call 365 Garage Doors for proficient garage door opener installation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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